Manland Campaign

The party tried to rescue the kidnapped citizens of Brindol and the old Red Hand war relics from Castle Rivenroar. The new Red Hand Hobgoblins there, under command of Sinruth the Mad, were able to beat back the assault despite many key losses.

The Red Hand is neutered now, but the Brindol town council feels vindicated in not trusting adventurers to do their dirty work. The party’s friend on the council, Troyas, is more understanding but still recommends that you seek employment elsewhere for the time being.

In any case, there has been a Call to Arms. The rumours of orcoid warbands in the west are turning out be true. The entire valley is now under constant threat from their scouting raids as the enemy forces look to find alternate routs through the Stonehome Mountains.

The big mining city of Overlook, with its rich markets and dwarven crafts, beckons.

Stonehome Mountains*

The Quontarian Marches

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