The Quontarian Marches

To Overlook
Brindol to Overlook

The party is off to the dwarven metropolis of Overlook. Promises abound of rich rewards for helping to defend the entire valley from being overrun by teeming orcish hordes from the badlands west of the Stonehome mountain chain.

Overlook is about a week’s travel to the west of Brindol. From Brindol, the party heads southwest on the Dawn Way to Drellin’s Ferry. There they ferried across the great Elsir river to the Old North Road. On to the Old North Road until the big fork. The western heading fork is taken, which is the old Dwarfroad. The Dwarfroad passes through the Westdeep forest and leads straight into Overlook.

Call To Arms
Brindol Overlook

The messengers from Overlook and the other dwarven fortresses confirm: there is a greenskin army readying for an assault against the western mountain passes.

A Call To Arms

Rescue at Rivenroar
Brindol Rivenroar

The PCs helped beat off the Red Hand raid at Brindol town.

Troyas engaged them to recover the kidnapped citizens and recover the lost relics.

The PCs discovered that Sinruth’s burgeoning raiding party was headquartered at the abandoned Castle Rivenroar, a days march outside of Brindol.

The party attacked Rivenroar and were able to recover a couple of the kidnapped citizens but were forced to head back to town to replenish themselves. The Red Hand slaughtered the remaining citizens and relocated somewhere with the relics. The good news is that, having lost their Goblin Hexer, Sinruth’s band is known to be weakened and on the run.

The town council is now convinced that the best move is to send guards to hunt them down and secure the local wilderness again.

Brindol Bound
Farewell Fallcrest

The adventurers are on to Brindol and beyond.

Antler & Thistle Inn

Kobold Hall
Session 1

The brave adventurers succeed in their mission to destroy the Kobold threat. Lord Markelhay gives the group 100gp for bringing back the leader’s bone mask. As promised, he also gives the group 10 gp for each kobold slain: or 180 gold (one got away!).

The group also recieves 1500 XP for succeeding in this quest.

Wyrmpriest Bodyguard


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