Tag: Fallcrest


  • kobold_hall

    The brave adventurers succeed in their mission to destroy the Kobold threat. Lord Markelhay gives the group 100gp for bringing back the leader’s bone mask. As promised, he also gives the group 10 gp for each kobold slain: or 180 gold (one got away!). …

  • Sss

    A native of Rhest, you learned your trade working as a house mage for Lady Allande Markelhay. Natives of Quontario view Warlocks as mysterious and to be treated with caution. Infernal Pact Warlocks are especially mistrusted. But Sss's current …

  • Domakus

    You are a Tiefling of the merchant clan Naerumar of Fallcrest. They are renowned dealers in arcane items. You were apprenticed to Nimozaran of the local Septarch's Tower. An old fart but very knowledgeable.

  • Vik

    A native to Fallcrest, a second cousin of Teldorthan Hammerfast the local blacksmith. Also retained by Lord Faran Markelhay as a court blade.

  • Lord Markelhay

    Gained the sobriquet "Defender of Fallcrest" in the last Red Hand War. Hired the PCs to strike at the Kobold raiders HQ at an old ruined castle known as Kobold Hall.