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This city of stone stands on the side of the Stonehome Mountains. Constructed as a haven for newly liberated dwarves from their former giant masters, Overlook has since outgrown its noble roots and become a haven for peoples all over the Elsir Vale and beyond.

Population: 12,250; about another 5,000 people live in small settlements scattered on the lower slopes. The people of Overlook are mostly dwarves, humans, and halflings, though pockets of dragonborn, tiefling, eladrin, and elf communities are isolated in their own ethnic neighborhoods. Overlook’s importance as a trade center results in great numbers of travelers from faraway lands and of a wild assortment of races, cultures, and beliefs, lending the city its cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Government: The Council of Elders, a group of five male and female dwarves, governs Overlook. Each is elected to office and serves a 10-year term. The dwarves see ruling as a burden and none relish the job, preferring to hand power off to someone else. Heading up the Council is the Great Elder, Morgoff Stonefirst, an aging dwarf who’s ready to retire. One representative from each of the eight districts of Overlook attends the Council, serving as advisors and also to air the grievances of their particular constituencies. Although these individuals have the power to influence, they have no real authority in the city, though many are wealthy and powerful by means other than the office they hold.

Defense: Overlook keeps a standing garrison of 150 warriors armed and ready for any threat. In times of trouble (such as now), Overlook can muster another 500 warriors from the local militia, and another 100 from the outlying settlements. At Bordrin’s Watch, another 500 hundred warriors protect the mountain pass from within its steep walls and skyscraping towers.

Inns: Belden’s Rest; Cadrick’s Boarding House; Clean Sheets; House of Sleep; Mountain’s Hearth; Polliver’s; the Turned Spoon; and numerous others.

Taverns: Coxcomb Spirits; Dergan’s XXX Brewery; Michael’s Blond; Pickled Imp; Pig and Bucket; the Salty Mug; and numerous others.

Supplies: Dungeoneer’s Survival Emporium; Elsir Consortium; Merty’s; Stonehome Treasures.

Temples: Divine Knot (various); Shrine of Erathis; Stone Anvil (Moradin).


Overlook has eight districts, each distinguished by the types of its people there as well as the industry one finds there.

  • Blister: “Looking for work? You ought to prick the blister an’ see what bubbles up . . .”
  • Boneyard: “Not much to do in the Boneyard aside from sicking up.”
  • Elftown: “Don’t know why they still call it Elftown; can’t say as I’ve ever seen an elf there.”
  • Forgeworks: “Let me tell you about this place I know. If you’re looking for armor, I can think of nowhere better to go.”
  • High Hall: “The heart and soul of Overlook, son, High Hall is where the movers and shakers make all the decisions.”
  • Nine Bells: “Nine Bells, Nine Hells, all the same to me.”
  • Stonehammer: “There’s a different kind of stench in Stonehammer . . . it’s the stench of arrogance.”
  • Tradetown: “Have a care in Tradetown, son. You can go there with a full purse and come out with nothing more than a pail of beans.”
  • Shantytown: “You think Nine Bells is bad? Spend a night in the Shantytown.”

Main Page

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